Can you help Stop HS2 fight to be heard by the HS2 Committee?

Last week we reported that Stop HS2 are one of just 24 petitioners (out of nearly 2000) against the HS2 Hybrid Bill who are having our locus standi, i.e. our right to be heard, being challenged by HS2 Ltd. Our hearing is on 9th July.

HS2 Ltd claim we do not represent anyone affected by HS2, so we should not be allowed to petition the committee of MPs who are looking closely at the HS2 Hybrid Bill.

As part of our evidence to the MPs, we would very much like letters from individuals, action groups, parish councils and any other body saying that they believe Stop HS2 does represent them.

Please send your letters either by post to Joe Rukin, Stop HS2 2 Caesar Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1DL or as an attachment to email to

We need to have received everything by Thursday 3rd July as all evidence has to be submitted in advance of the hearing.

If you’d like to appear as a witness on the day, please get in touch!

Things you might want to put in your letter:

  • Your petition number, if you have one, or that of any group you are connected with.
  • Help we have provided to you, such as information about petitioning and various other consultations.
  • The fact that Stop HS2 represents you, and people like you.
  • That by having national organisations petition, route wide issues, such as sound can be properly addressed.
5 comments to “Can you help Stop HS2 fight to be heard by the HS2 Committee?”
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  2. Who will challenge the use of a hybrid bill for this scale of project in the crowded land shortage nation of 2014 and not 1606

    Selecting the approval and authorisation of a preliminary and not fully assessed or agreed railway route through the use of a Hybrid Bill and rules of the past with lay people MPs and farmers and householders unpracticed in the regulated internal rules of Parliament with advocates of £200 to £1000 per hour is wrong.

    The UK Government is obsessed with building up future debt in the name of inward investment and investors and developers’ gains by expropriation from British Farmers and the owners of land promoting agriculture.

    What could go so wrong that the MPs can believe they are not creating another draining strategic error as General Richards suggests Blair and the MPs did at the time of invading Iraq.

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  4. Junkered is the feeling of many people along HS2 Route 3 a very poor railway proposition. Just as David Cameron found the majority of EU Presidents, Chancellors and Prime Ministers felt Junker was acceptable and Cameron did not the people along Phase 1 Route 3 feel Cameron and his Chancellor support a poor proposition AGAINST the corridor majority opinion. In your witness statements claim your human rights and freedoms to associate and be represented by and with others please. Junkered by DFT and HS2 with a Select Committee operating with a political limited remit and changes in land take continuing support your rights by stating the EU Directives should be included alongside Standing Orders and this has not happened with this Bill and as with CrossRail not HS1 and now not HS2 all petitioners should be heard please.

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