Fracking, HS2 and Trespass

Today’s Queen’s Speech will propose new laws that allow fracking companies to drill under people’s homes without permission.

However reducing individual’s rights to their own land is part of the story behind HS2, not just part of the fracking proposals.

Clauses 51 & 52 of the HS2 Phase 1 Hybrid Bill allow for anyone nominated by HS2 Ltd to have ‘right of entry’ to any property within 500 metres of any property near any other future high-speed line, even if no plans have been published. Refusal to admit entry could be a criminal offence.

We asked in our petition to the Bill Committee that these clauses were deleted: property owners of Phase 1 have often refused entry to property due to the attitude of HS2 Ltd. Many home and land owners had no communications from HS2 Ltd until they wanted access to land, after the main consultation had concluded. And that was without a legal right of entry!

People concerned about tracking should also be concerned about these clauses in the HS2 Hybrid Bill, because they might be used to set a precedent.

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  1. Do you feel this coalition is marking time, or is to be re elected. Is the next government given people power to continue with HS2 phase 1 and phase 2 or is there going to be a pre-condition to stop and readdress the nations building needs. The UK as a large grqwing backlog of unmet needs and unresolved issues. Dave Nick Nigel or Ed or none of the above.HS2 has identified how much is being avoided. This nation is developing into being disunited and certainly discontented. What has to be done to readdress the aspirations and return the UK to a more content state please. What has to be changed and achieved.5p for a plastic bag or 50 billion for a secondary rail requirement. What is disposable. Who are not indispensible for May 2015. The waste and extravagence of HS2 adding to debt should be reconsidered given thew condition of roads and motorways and social and community shortcomings.

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