Railway construction at Royal Victoria Dock

Members of Hillingdon Against HS2, requested that HS2 Ltd organise a visit to an actual construction and tunnelling site over a year ago. Earlier this month it finally took place, with Hillingdon Against HS2 campaigners, members of Ruislip Residents’ Association and Hillingdon Council officers.

Crossrail ConstructionCrossrail Construction site

The site, at Royal Victoria Dock, was chosen because it offered the closest example of what borough people can expect because tunnel boring machines were in operation to create a tunnel portal, like the one that will be built in West Ruislip.

The group was told that Crossrail had received around 100 complaints per year from people living around the site since building began.

Lottie Jones from Ruislip Against HS2 said

“There was far more surface work than we had calculated before. It seemed to go on for miles.

“The workers were moving a water utility which has taken around a year to do. This is the sort of work that will be carried out in West End Road.

“It was happening right outside front doors, there wasn’t even enough room for houses to bring a bicycle outside their homes. If Emergency services needed to get to homes they had to go into the construction site. Bus routes were diverted, and the level of noise was quite disturbing,”

Houses by Crossrail Construction site

Houses by Crossrail Construction site

On Facebook she described the pictures she posted
“We were shown around this construction site to give an idea what to expect at West Ruislip. Note how close the houses are to the site- they were offered triple glazing but no option to move or compensation. The work closest to the houses is the utility movement which is expected to be complete in 1 YEAR. The site has been there for 2 years and not expected to be complete for a further 3 YEARS. The pics give an idea of the size of the tunnel portal – though HS2 is expected to be bigger than this. What you can’t gain from photos is noise – it was early Sat a.m and you needed to raise your voice over the machinery being used – a level that is apparently acceptable.”

Crossrail ConstructionCrossrail Construction

See Get West London’s report for more information.

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  1. Who could write the themes emerging from the petitions of grief and despair in human and humanitarian losses please.

    It is suggested that only the National Leader Cameron can now prevent this HS2 devastation for the wrong route, train services and priority.

    There may be writers who can get across to MPs and the Select Committee and the three leaders the dreadful impacts and heartaches from the Route 3 HS2.

    Without persuading MP and Prime Minster re-assessment there is a view the Select Committee will not be minded to press the pause and replay button. Yes HS2 Route 3 is the wrong proposal but where is the leadership for the PM to show leadership in the face of the 800 petitions of significant personal losses.

    Who can write the reflections of HS2 2009 to 2014 please to persuade and tell the story of the manifestations of the petitioners voting contrary to most MPs to stop this current process and reconsider better proposals please.

    • This site is reusing a site that has always had a railway being formerly part of The North London Line from North Woolwich and is thus an example of reuse of existing railway .

      In fact next to this site the DLR has been built on part if the former railway and eventually interchange between Crossrail and DLR will be possible .

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