Bob and Jerry

Even though Coventry City Council voted unanimously against HS2 last year, the Labour MP for Coventry North, Bob Ainsworth, has recently been arguing in favour of the proposed rail link..

The Coventry Telegraph had so much correspondence about his comments, they had a letters special for their readers.

It’s clear there is a debate to be had about HS2.  So we are very pleased to announce that Mr Ainsworth has agreed to take part in one with Jerry Marshall, a Coventry business man and chair of the Federation of Action Groups against High Speed Two (AGAHST).

It will take place at the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce on Friday 11 Feb, 12-1.30. Entrance is free, but the venue only takes 120 people.

One of Mr Ainsworth’s conditions for the debate was that venue and audience would be neutral.

Jerry Marshall said

“In view of the Mr Ainsworth’s conditions and capacity I would like to especially encourage the undecided to attend. I think we can win this audience on strength of argument alone.”

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