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  2. Some Parish Councils, landowners, and locals concerned about significant impacts can include in their Petitions a request for a SEA review along Route 3 for those sections of works/project that qualifies under the SEA criteria. The Supreme Court permitted SEA to be required where identified.

    Power feeder with grid works. Some tunnelled sections, loss of amenities with works exceeding the SEA criteria can be put to the Select Committee in the petition. Please review if you consider the impact extreme and the depot or road changes significant to warrant an SEA.

  3. Please be wary to include in petitions reference to the May letter removing some details in the Hybrid Bill and Environmental Statement plans and maps but adding also uncertainty about taking new areas of land.

    Tactics for HS2 may be to remove some details complained of in the ES responses and EAC inquiry inputs that were not acceptable to potential petitioners and increasing the impacts with new or return to original details so they can reintroduce the Hybrid Bill detail in the petitioning before the select committee as an acceptable to HS2 approach. Be vigilant to include the reference to the change and when neither of the two approaches are acceptable to you. Also include reference to the added uncertainty from the May letters wanting more land but not including a map or diagram.

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