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Financial Times: London mayor criticises cost of HS2

Boris Johnson has reopened the political debate about HS2 by claiming that there are many better ways to spend the money than on the controversial north-south rail link.

Birmingham Post: HS2 campaigners hit back at minister’s ‘vexatious concerns’ claim

Anti-HS2 campaigners have hit back after a transport minister claimed many will submit ‘vexatious petitions’ to ‘gum up’ the Hybrid Bill process.

Yorkshire Post: Labour casts doubt on HS2 in new attack on rising cost

There was fresh doubt over Labour’s commitment to HS2 last night after the Shadow Transport Secretary questioned whether the project is “the right way” to spend billions of pounds of public funds.

Camden New Journal: ‘You see our homes as a blot on the landscape’ – former Town Hall leader launches attack on HS2 boss over plans for Euston

Cllr Nash Ali has written to HS2 chief executive Sir David Higgins, expressing concerns over Euston’s future

A FORMER Town Hall leader has sent an explosive open letter to High Speed 2 chief executive Sir David Higgins railing against his claims that demolishing homes around Euston and handing land to “big player” developers would actually help “deprived” communities.

Express and Echo: South West won’t benefit at all, admits HS2 boss

The boss of Britain’s new high-speed rail line has admitted the South West will not benefit directly from the £50 billion project as it emerged the region stands not even to get the hand-me-down trains.

Guido Fawkes Blog: High Speed 2: Get Tae F**k

The government’s High Speed 2 Growth Taskforce is the body set up by the government to examine how to maximise economic growth and the job opportunities from HS2. Scottish readers in particular will be amused by the unfortunate acronym used on their Twitter logo:

Get West London: MPs urge Higgins to decide now on HS2 Heathrow spur

All three Hillingdon MPs have written to the new chairman of HS2 urging him to end the uncertainty over the Heathrow Airport spur.

The Star: HS2 forums ‘a cynical charade’

Community forums set up by bosses of the HS2 rail project – which will link London with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds – have been “nothing short of a cynical charade”, MPs have been told.

Birmingham Mail: Nature reserve ‘to be cut in two by HS2 line’

Wildlife groups protest about threat to Park Hall Nature Reserve at Commons inquiry

IEA: High Speed 2 and the sunk-cost fallacy

The prospect of high-speed rail is attractive in theory but there is strong evidence that the benefits to be gained from the project will fall short of initial projections. Accordingly it would be rational for the government to rethink the programme. Whilst £300 million will be lost if the project is scrapped, the £300 million will also be lost if the project is left to continue. This is the very essence of a sunk cost. We should therefore find solace in the fact that bringing the project to a halt will prevent even more money being wasted.

Thame Gazette: HS2 chairman slammed for not finding ‘single bean’ of savings

High speed rail campaigners have criticised a report by HS2 Ltd chairman Sir David Higgins for not finding a ‘single bean’ in cost savings.

The Scotsman: Plan to move sleeper trains for HS2 sparks anger

SCOTTISH ministers have accused the UK government of threatening the future of the Caledonian Sleeper service by planning to move the trains to the other side of London during high-speed rail construction work.

Birmingham Post: Birmingham short-changed after plans to link HS2 to Europe are scrapped

Patrick McLoughlin has announced through written answers that in an effort to shave £700 million off the cost of HS2, this eminently sensible proposal has been scrapped.

Get Bucks: HS2 campaigners, a youth worker and business recognised at mayor awards

The annual Amersham Mayoral Awards were held last week, celebrating the pillars of the community.

Bucks Free Press: HS2 viability to be outlined in May report

A REPORT outlining the viability of HS2 is due to be released in May – but a review will not be made fully public despite fresh calls for its disclosure by a Bucks MP….A 2012 review by the Cabinet Office’s Major Projects Authority gave HS2 a red/amber rating – meaning there are ‘major risks in a number of key areas’ and ‘urgent action is needed to ensure these are addressed’.

Northampton About My Area: HS2 Meeting With Parliamentary Ombudsman

…‘Mick Martin, Executive Director of Operations and Investigations at the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman told us that some of the specific cases we discussed certainly sounded like legitimate grievances. We will be pursuing these issues further with the Ombudsman.’

The Australian: Skeleton of renowned explorer Matthew Flinders is lying in the path of London rail link — and could be exhumed

THE skeleton of the man who gave Australia its name and was the first to circumnavigate the continent could be exhumed by rail workers on a new high-speed rail link from London to the Midlands.

Rail bosses have expressed fear they may accidentally unearth the remains of Captain Matthew Flinders and hundreds of others as they prepare to build new facilities at the busy Euston Station in London’s north.

News Corp has learnt Network Rail bosses have held “high level talks” to discuss what action would have to be taken if and when the Australian hero is found.

Guardian: Ed Balls: HS2 costs must ‘come down markedly’

Shadow chancellor intervenes on high speed rail line by calling for cut in costs and rethink on line north of Birmingham

The Journal: Labour divided on High Speed rails plans for the North

Newcastle Council leader Nick Forbes has welcomed calls for work on the new line to be speeded up, but Newcastle East MP Nick Brown has hit out at the continued waste of resources

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  1. Hardly mentioned in the news is the anticipated £70 million fine on NR for poor service. This is for historic performance when the current leading lights of HS2 were at the helm. Should not ORR be taking back their bonuses instead of taking cash from NR and making it less able to deliver the performance required?

  2. ORR and DFT can develop a Plan B with network rail and hs2 instead of the phase 1 and 2 for less capital costs. There is a lack of will to produce a fitting approach to overcome the Adonis obsesssion and Hammond preferred Route 3. Time for exchange please as Networks old management measured by new ORR statistics for delays that increased. Voting against HS2 as it exists is the wise vote.

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