Manchester Audience Sees Wright Through HS2 Propaganda

Last week, Channel 5 programme The Wright Stuff went on the road for the first time in 16 years. As HS2 has come up a few times on the show, it made sense for them to bring up the topic as they went to Manchester.

However, despite the fact HS2 is being sold to Northern Englanders as something to improve their economic prospects, the audience certainly weren’t buying it. Below is not only that clip, but our playlist including previous clips from the show.

HS2 given a massive thumbs down

As Simon Kirby, the £750,000 highest paid civil servant quits HS2 to join Rolls Royce, Mancunian Yvette Fielding thinks there must be “something dodgy going on” to allow HS2 to go ahead. Ainsley Harriot, Matthew Wright and the Wright Stuff audience also unanimously oppose HS2.

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