Is HS2 only a policy? – judicial review day 6

On Monday, 51M’s lawyer began responding to the government’s argument, disputing the secretary of state’s argument that the HS2 document was ‘simply a statement of policy’.

Nathalie Lieven QC, for 51m, argued “This is not a statement of policy, it is a decision to apply for the necessary powers, including development consent for HS2, through the process of the Secretary of State promoting two hybrid bills” and that it was a decision document because of the language it used and the way it committed to HS2’s second phase.

She went on to say the actions in making the decision were not that of a “rational secretary of state”. She highlighted the problems of passenger dispersal at Euston.

2 comments to “Is HS2 only a policy? – judicial review day 6”
  1. They deserve everything they get.When you think of all the people that will be living under the shadow of HS2 coming to destroy their homes business and way of life this Christmas.Due to lies,misleading figuers and someone wanting to pull the wool over the taxpayers in order for them to get richer.

  2. It looks like the DfT are skating on very thin ice. If this goes against them they’ll be subjected to another mauling in the media, on top of the Virgin fiasco. Time will tell.

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