Petitioning on Additional Provisions Started

On Friday, petitioning for the additional provisions opened and will close again on 17th October.

From the HS2 Hybrid Bill Website:

Can I oppose the additional provisions deposited on 10 September?

Yes. The procedure is analogous to that for opposing the Bill. Alink to the modified petitioning kit is on the committee website. Separate locus standi challenges may be made against petitions on the additional provisions.

What is a locus standi challenge?

Locus standi is the right of a petitioner to appear before the Select Committee based on their petition documents demonstrating adequately that they are directly and specially affected. It can be challenged if the promoter of the Bill disagrees that there is a direct and special effect. In that event, the Committee decides whether there is a right to appear. You will be notified if your petition is to be challenged. Petitions against additional provisions can be challenged as to their locus standi separately from the locus standi challenges made against petitions on the Bill already deposited.

How exactly do I petition?

You should follow the advice and recommended format contained in the hybrid bills petitioning kit on the select committee website. Please note that there is a new format of cover sheet as of 9 September 2014.

Petitioning dates and times for additional provisions

The dates and times for depositing petitions against the additional provisions deposited on 10 September 2014 are:

Friday 19 September to Thursday 16 October:

Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm

Friday 17 October: 10am to 1pm.

How and where do I present my petition?

Petitions will need to be presented in person, on the parliamentary estate in Westminster at Portcullis House (Robertson Room), the entrance to which is on the Embankment round the corner from Westminster tube station. (The entrance is marked 4 on the map (PDF PDF 510 KB)Opens in a new window).

Please only come if you are a petitioner or agent – we are expecting many petitioners and there will not be room to accommodate supporters as well. Please do not bring bulky or sharp items as a security screen will operate on entrance. Further guidance is here.

Why must I pay a £20 fee to petition?

The fee of £20 is partly a token of good faith and partly to help defray the administrative costs of running the select committee. It has remained at its current level since 1988. Payment will be accepted by cash or cheque. Payment must accompany your petition. Cheques should be made payable to ‘GBS: re HoC: Administration’ and marked ‘HS2’ on the back. It is possible for you and other petitioners affected in the same way can submit a single petition for which there will be a single £20 fee.

If you have already petitioned on the Bill you will not have to pay a second time.

Your MP can also deposit your petition on your behalf.

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