More details of new compensation consultation

Yesterday, HS2 Ltd announced the sixth consultation on compensation, which will close on Tuesday 30th September. It is based on the suggestions for additional compensation first mooted in April, and is based solely on payments for people living up to 300 metres from the proposed line, despite the fact a Government-sponsored report has stated properties 500 metres from the line will suffer an average 10-20% loss of value. It is also a fact that some homeowners living further away from the line than this have received payments under the Exceptional Hardship Scheme.

The proposed compensation packages are for Phase 1 only, despite the fact we still don’t understand how HS2 Ltd think they could legally have different packages for the two phases.

The new compensation packages which are being consulted on are not concerned with property owners who want to sell their house, but are payments which would be received for living with the inconvenience of HS2.

For homeowners living 120 metres from the centre-line between the tracks, a ‘Alternative Cash Offer’ is proposed of 10% of the value of the property, with a minimum of £30,000 and a maximum of £100,000.

In rural areas, ‘Homeowner Payments’ are proposed, which will not depend on the value of a property, but the distance from the centre line. The proposed payments are:

  • 120m – 180m: £22,500
  • 180m – 240m: £15,000
  • 240m – 300m: £7,500

These are the only options which are being consulted on, with the questions in the consultation being:

Q1: What are your views on our proposals for the alternative cash offer?

Q2: What are your views on our proposals for the homeowner payment?

The consultation closes (for online responses) at 11.45pm on Tuesday 30th September, with paper copies having to be postmarked 30th September or earlier. HS2 campaigners will probably not be impressed that Dialogue by Design, who have previously lost hundreds of consultation response documents are handling this one too. You can respond in the following ways:



Post: Freepost RTET-YGJB-GUAY, HS2 Property Consultation 2014, PO Box 70178, London, WC1A 9HS.

The consultation documents can be found here:

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  2. a Government-sponsored has stated properties 500 metres from the line will suffer an average 10-20% loss of value.
    Please post a link to this document. There’s a whole suburban housing estate within 1km of the line at Toton.

  3. where does this leave me ? i have my business based in a rented property that may even knocked down for this white elephant.
    where do i stand is it a case of tough luck?

  4. Talk about the sky’s the limit for wages but for compensation they seem to just keep on scraping the barrel as if they do not have a penny more to offer if they can afford to do this project it should be scraped and the money spent on projects for all to benefit not just the few

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