HS2 still a massive concern to Major Projects Authority

Giving evidence at the Public Accounts Committee, Chief Executive of the Major Projects Authority, John Manzoni, is asked to list projects that still concern him. HS2 is high up on his list, second only to Universal Credit. 5th June 2014.

One comment to “HS2 still a massive concern to Major Projects Authority”
  1. The MPA CEO exchange with PAC demonstrated the UKs failures in project structuring resourcing and delivery mismanagement. No functions. CIvil Servants self protective and false belief in moving from job to job being helpful. The MPs and Civil Servants jointly demonstrated for over 50 years the UK can not evolve effectively and economically. This MPA CEO is unlikely to change the pattern, he simply joined their club. Welcome said Hodge things may be improving without real evidence or scrutiny. Sorry UK more is being lost than integration with Scotland, World Cup with a one many team and as beens. Time to change or slip as China is judging. What can the UK do to recover its living standards and its contentment please.

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