Some recent news items

Some recent news items:

Camden New Journal: COMMENT: As transport project that will mean the demolition of homes and businesses gathers steam, it will take a massive public protest to derail HS2

Outrageous though the project seemed, at least – it was thought – it had threatened its worst.

Now, however, we learn that HS2 is casting another dark shadow over the borough…

Or, in effect, they are making it up as they go along.

Lichfield People: New HS2 route to be unveiled but MP says plan is ‘flawed’

DETAILS of the route high-speed trains will take from Lichfield up to Manchester are imminent.

The Government has kept phase two of HS2 under wraps for months, repeatedly putting off making the announcement.

This is Nottingham: Columnist Jeremy Lewis on High Speed Rail | This is Nottingham

EVER since my pop bought me a clockwork train set I’ve been a bit of a railway fan….

We are told the HS railway station serving Nottingham will be at Toton Sidings, which sounds as useful as a crystal drill bit.

And it won’t look good on a London terminus departures board: Euston … Birmingham … Toton Sidings … Leeds. Perhaps they’ll re-name it Ilkeston Parkway.

Bucks Herald: Wendover councillor stands down from Conservatives after ‘toxic’ decisions

A prominent councillor has stepped down from the Conservatives to become an independent member, claiming a series of ‘toxic’ council decisions forced his hand…

Mr Richards said poor decisions by the Government in the wake of the phone hacking scandal and the ‘ill conceived’ HS2 project had also led to his disillusionment.

Burton Mail: Second phase of rail link due

During a community forum, HS2 representatives showed plans for a major intersection north of the A38, in Streethay, near Alrewas, where high speed trains would branch off to Manchester.

If approved, the left hand spur would cut through Staffordshire with the widely tipped options of a station close to the M6 either in Staffordshire or Cheshire.

Bucks Free Press: Farage: Voters turning to UKIP because of HS2

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage told Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan in a live televised today debate many of her constituents were turning to his party because of the Tories’ stance on HS2.

Both politicians appeared on today’s Daily Politics show on BBC Two, with Conservative Mrs Gillan being joined by members of the Labour party and the Lib Dems to discuss a possible role for UKIP in future coalitions Governments.

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