Some recent news stories

Some recent news stories about HS2.

Camden New Journal: HS2 – What about families, Mr Cameron? Labour councillor Adam Harrison confronts PM on train

DAVID Cameron was put on the spot as he headed home from an Easter weekend break with his family when a Camden councillor demanded the Prime Minister give guarantees to households who could be booted out of their flats to make way for HS2.

Bucks Herald: HS2 boss urged ‘be more transparent’

THE boss of HS2 is coming to Aylesbury this week to answer questions about her new forums – which campaigners this week dubbed secret meetings that should be open to the press and public.

Telegraph: HS2 sparks a jobs boom – for a quango

Ministers always said their controversial HS2 rail project would trigger a jobs boom and it certainly has for the Whitehall quango overseeing the £32bn scheme.

Ham and High: Plans to reopen historic railway tunnels ignored by HS2 chiefs

Heritage campaigners have accused the government of ignoring plans to restore historic railway vaults or notice listed buildings which line the land above the proposed High Speed 2 train link.

Computer World: One-third of O2 staff “more productive” working from home

An experiment conducted by O2 has found that 88 percent of its staff are just as productive working remotely, whilst one-third claimed that they actually got more work done when they aren’t in the office.

Building: Boris details concerns over HS2 link

London mayor pressing ministers on ‘unacceptable’ use of London Overground to connect to HS2.

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