Greens vow to “Scrap the doomed HS2 rail line”

Carrying on with our sequence of looking at what the political parties think of HS2, it’s now the turn of the Green Party, who are probably the most committed political opponents of HS2 right now.

Their manifesto states:

“Creating a new golden age of train by opening new rail connections that remove bottlenecks, increase rail freight capacity, improve journey times and frequencies, enhance capacity in the South West, Midlands and North, and connect currently unconnected urban areas. We would also look, where possible, to re-open closed stations. These rail improvements will benefit from funding switched from the damaging HS2 scheme, which we will cancel.”

“Scrapping the doomed HS2 rail line. The funds freed up will be spent on more effective sustainable public transport options, as part of the Green New Deal. This will enable an increase in rail capacity in regions that desperately need more investment, including the creation of three electrified rail lines running from Liverpool and Manchester to Sheffield, Hull and the Tees Valley. These three newly electrified lines will run through Bradford and Leeds, creating new rail hubs in the heart of Yorkshire.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, here’s what party co-leader Jonathan Bartley had to say on 5 live about HS2.

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