HS2 Ltd mistake Aberdeen for Buckinghamshire

It takes a special kind of incompetence to mistake Aberdeen, in Scotland, for Calvert in Buckinghamshire. But in the last few weeks, HS2 Ltd have managed to send personalised messages to people in Aberdeen warning them about noise from machinery in a village not far from Aylesbury.

Several hundred letters were sent to people in Garthdee and Ferryhill area of Aberdeen warning of work due to take place in Calvert, in Buckinghamshire. The local newspaper reports that more than a dozen residents contacted HS2 Ltd in concern about the planned works.

One Scottish councillor, Catriona Mackenzie, described the situation as ‘bizarre’: and added that there was the issue that “…some folk, particularly elderly people, might be caused considerable anxiety thinking major works are about to happen.”

A HS2 spokesman said: ““Due to an administrative error, some residents in Ferryhill, Aberdeen wrongly received information about HS2. This unfortunate technical error happened when generating postcodes for the distribution of these notifications.” They also said that no letters went to people who actually live in Calvert.

Of course, HS2 Ltd have never seemed particularly worried about what people affected by HS2 think.

A new batch of letters has supposedly been sent (we wouldn’t be surprised if HS2 got it wrong again), this time to residents in Calvert, but due to the bungling from HS2 Ltd, the start date of the work has had to be delayed to the 21st May.

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