Euston, we have a problem

As it has come out that Euston will be even more of a mess than expected, here’s how Radio 4 reported on the story when it first broke.

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One comment to “Euston, we have a problem”
  1. But the Conservatives dismissed the plan as an “ideological joyride”. The Conservatives, Coalltion and previous Labour Adonis and Hoon have not got off their joyride and communities, parishes and peoples continual misery of HS2.

    International Development Secretary Justine Greening warned it would waste millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money at a time when the railways were enjoying record levels of investment on schemes like HS2. No one is wasting more than currently day by day on flawed plans and dither on the big issues. No Heathrow runway brigade squanders tax income daily resulting from failed policies and interventions. How can the UK suffer the 5 year term Parliament which is a job protection scheme by MPs for MPs to spend your income and pension tax payments on misguided projects and intiatives. Investors no way good investors. Squanders yes and excessive squanders. The person forgets her HS2 mistake in 2012 the UK population is paying for as consultants rack up costs and the Network Rail flounders at the drain from their management to the cosy life of HS2 and not much to do but continue the paperwork banile process of APs and SESs and their joyride whilst commuters suffer more daily. Time to leave Faulty Towers and have a vote of no confidence and repeal the 5 year term protecting MPs but not your money and countryside.

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