Current Hybrid Bill Committee Timetable

An updated timetable for the HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee is now available.

The latest version is from today (6th July) unto 22nd July.

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One comment to “Current Hybrid Bill Committee Timetable”
  1. WAITING FOR PARLIAMENT. The East-West line rebuilding- which was mentioned on this site just a few days ago,- cannot yet proceed at the planned crossing with HS2 at Calvert , although the westerly section, from Bicester towards Oxford and the new link to the Chiltern main line, is nearing completion, with three new /rebuilt stations.

    But until Parliament confirms HS2, the Calvert crossing cannot be worked on because a complete reconstruction is planned to allow the High Speed line to be built UNDER the restored East-West ,which will have to be raised, with long graded approach ramps on either side of the crossing.

    Before closure in 1966, the Great Central line crossed over ABOVE the old Oxford-Cambridge route at practically the same point, but HS2 is intended to run at a lower level, partly to reduce its impact on its surroundings.

    Also the (wartime) connection between the stub of the G.C. from the Aylesbury direction and the remaining operational section of the East/West, used for freight, must remain operational until the restored western section is connected, tested and opened to traffic.

    Contractors Murphy have established a worksite at Verney Junction, but little seems to have been done, in that immediate area of the line, apart from erecting signs and building protective railings on access points and bridges.

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