HS2 and Real Job Losses

One statistic HS2 Ltd like to brush under the carpet is the level of job losses that will result from building HS2. they’ve said in the draft environmental statement this will be “20% of all jobs in directly affected businesses could be lost route wide”. But more recent documents only give a number, not a percentage.

The thing is, these job losses aren’t necessarily in the future, some of them are happening now.

The Lichfield Mercury said:

A MAJOR distribution firm in Fradley is to close resulting in the loss of 120 jobs, it has been revealed.

UK Pallets – a subsidiary of the UK Mail Group – will be wound down over the next three months as a result of a continued decline in profitability….

Until recently, UK Pallets had been planning to extend its Wood End Lane operations by demolishing the former auction centre and building a new warehouse.

However, ongoing uncertainties about the HS2 route meant the project was never started.

While HS2 was not the only reason for the closure – or even the main reason – it’s clear that there are plenty of other firms that are debating whether and where to expand.  And deciding not to, because of HS2.

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    • The 20% figure was in the Draft Environmental Statement, with projected job loss numbers. The actual Environmental Statement had the same job loss numbers, but no percentage figures. They are relatively easy to find on google (something like ” ‘job loss’ hs2 environmental statement ” will do).

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