Petitioning dates and Hybrid Bill committee

This morning, at a legal briefing for MPs, the dates for HS2 petitioning and the names of the Hybrid Bill Committee were given.

Petitioning dates vary for different groups. Businesses and local authorities (apart from parish councils) will be able to submit petitions from 29 April to 16 May 2014. Everyone else will be able to submit them from 29th April to 23 May.

The HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee have been named as: Henry Bellingham, Peter Bottomley, Ian Mearns, Yasmin Qureshi, Robert Syms, Michael Thornton.

In addition, Cheryl Gillan has tabled a motion asking for a second day of debate for the second reading: this is currently scheduled just for the afternoon that Parliament returns after the Easter recess.

One comment to “Petitioning dates and Hybrid Bill committee”
  1. Petitions from 1 to 10 pages can be based on text in the Crossrail petitions which can be extracted from PDF to Word.
    This will save people time by comparing your situation with the people who presented their petitions. Please invest the £20 cost to ensure you obtain the compensation and damages incurred. The link connects to the 300 petitions covering home and business petitioners:

    Petitions against the Crossrail Bill – United Kingdom Parliament › … › Bills before Parliament‎
    Name of Petition, By whom deposited. 1. Anthony B. Chambers PDF, Anthony B. Chambers. 2. Industrial Development Partnership II (Nominee Company) Ltd …

    You can also download the forms from this web site or the Parliament website:

    Hybrid Bills in current and previous sessions – UK Parliament › … › Bills & legislation › Bills before Parliament‎
    In anticipation of HS2 Phase One legislation, Hybrid Bill Standing Order procedure … Further information on the High Speed 2 hybrid bill and how to petition on it.

    Please start your petition next week to have the time to submit. The petitions in 2005 and in 2008 for Crossrail demonstrate people had to submit two petitions to obtain redress. You have possible a year between the petitions for HS2 and now if the time to start for this petitioning in the House of Commons and work with neighbours for success,

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