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  1. Looking at my earlier comment, I have been too kind.
    I believe HS2 Ltd., encouraged by Govt., have, at best, been misleading in terms of the claims it makes. In its turn, this “Govt.” has been extremely devious and economical with the truth.
    The repeated claim that HS2 has “cross-party” support will be severely tested by the General Election next May.
    Overall, would you, dear reader, get involved in a mega billions project when only 40% of the ground has been surveyed. Well, would you??

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  3. Why should anyone pay attention to McLoughlin when he,effectively, objects to affected householders who are likely to lose substantial uncompensated sums, of exercising their democratic rights. Whilst at the same time, possibly illegally, and certainly undemocratically, suppressing the MPA report which is likely to reveal what a nonsense HS2 is, and “a waste of public money”, to use his own words.
    Majority opposition remains,HS2 was only “approved” by sleight of hand and “whipped” MPs who were misled.The strong opposition to this stupidity continues, we don’t want any “spades in the ground” for HS2, only to bury the idea, for ever.

  4. Has there been a dramatic change to the HS2 proposal that has slipped by me? The map, labelled “HS2” that is shown near the start of the Breakfast item shows Phase 1 and the western leg of Phase 2 plus HS3. The eastern leg of Phase 2 appears to have disappeared. I wonder where the BBC got the diagram – Sir David Higgin’s waste paper basket perhaps?

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