High speed rail near the bottom of another list

We recently reported on the latest Sunday Times poll, which showed that HS2 was seventh out of seventh on the list of government capital spending for voters.

Last week the EEF, the manufacturers organisation, published a survey of their members.  This revealed that spending on high speed rail was one of the lowest priorities for manufacturers, coming far below investments in the roads, digital technologies and the energy supply.

Manufacturers survey shows roads, broadband, energy  etc higher priority than her

Manufacturers survey shows high speed rail a low priority

In the list of priorities it only just beat domestic air links: the DfT should reflect on what that means about manufacturer’s views of long distance domestic travel.

What’s more, the EEF say rail is the least critical type of transport network (3%) for manufacturers. Ports, which enable international exports were critical for over 40% of manufacturers, and roads (80%).

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  2. The MPs want for regional devolution is more of a pass the risk action for regions. Raising local business rates and community charge makes the region take the pressure and the MPs in Westminster adopt the Kenny Williams smile of your issue not our. How irresponsible can the UK MPs be to dream up mega schemes strip people of their wealth for it passing by and then desert the funding of regions currently unviable without central cash inflows under the banner of this is a better arrangement. Scotland realised and Wales realises and soon the English will realise how high and dry the last Governments have left the UK morbund and in decline with more population than it can support financially.

    How does the UK become viable again. By stripping back not by diving into the MP Civil Servant games even deeper.

    Oh what a situation the UK is in as we remember the fallen.

    Time to find some responsibility and credibility and not more of the pretence as MPs pass you another massive problem dressed as spin. The DFT brought forward its solution to more inward investment at your expense now the Government leaders supported by Labour leaders try to trick the Norh West and North East and Midlands into falling for another ruse. Dont let these few get away with the confidence trick. Barnett scathed his own formula just before he died. He said it was not sound and neither is regional devolution pushed by Party leaderships and egoistic Mayors and Burgers.

  3. Thankfully as Christmas approaches and the Select Committee continue their mysterious location tours one organisation has grasped what 650 MPs minus a few missed. The priorities need to match real affordable needs.

    Hopefully the sense in the list will be the voters realisation that the 3 current parties have lost their way in guiding the future of this nation. Time to change priorities please.

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