HS2 isn’t about commuters in Milton Keynes

Lots of people have misconceptions about HS2 and where it goes – a recently published article about HS2 says “So here’s the really clever bit about HS2. We build...

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How much change on the Hybrid Bill Committee?

Back in March, when the HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee published their First Special Report their assumption was that the committee would be unchanged, with the document saying: The carry-over...

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Questions in Scotland

Chamber of Scottish Parlaiment
Following on from the news reports at the weekend that there was no business case for HS2 to be...

Taking the Pith

Quite often we spend time analysing and rebutting what those in favour of HS2 say. By ‘those in favour...

The story so far

This was originally published on HS2 and the Enviroment. When the 2010-2015 Parliament was dissolved on Monday 31st March the...
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