Network Rail’s plans to shelve upgrades around the country

Earlier this week, Network Rail published their strategy for rail investment for 2019-2024, the so-called CP6. While it was clear Network Rail wanted the headlines to be about reducing delays, the hidden story was the move move away from big projects

In response, Andy McDonald, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, said:

“There’s no reason why we can’t invest to upgrade the rail network at the same time as maintaining and renewing it.”

Dare we say it – HS2.

We’ve said all along that the big risk with HS2 is that it will suck money from other investment in the rail industry: oh no, the supporters of HS2 have said, “HS2 money comes from a separate branch of the magic money tree, leaving plenty for Network Rail”.  There’s still plenty of money for HS2, but none spare for electrification, or other more local projects.

The more sycophantic journals managed to drag out

The plan aims to reduce energy consumption by 18% and carbon emissions by 25%. NR also wants to reduce mental health absence among its employees by 30% and increase the number of women it employs by 50%.

It’s worth pointing out that HS2 won’t reduce carbon until after 2086 (if at all).  And while, Stop HS2 fully supports increasing the number of women engineers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that when HS2 Ltd’s woman CEO was replaced with a man, he earns six times what she did.

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