Petition hearings start

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This afternoon, the HS2 Hybrid Bill committee will start hearing petitions, with Quintain City Park Gate Birmingham Ltd, Curzon...

“I can’t move in with you, London”

“Please don’t send the long arms of your proposed high speed railway line stretching this way. They’d only pull me in, make me part of your circle, drain the life out of me.”

“I can’t move in with you, London” by Simon Armitage

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Carswell, on HS2

On Thursday Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton, announced he was leaving the Conservative Party and joining UKIP. He said...

Some Recent News Items

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Camden New Journal: HS2: New picture shows how trucks will descend on Primrose Hill YELLOW Tonka truck-style construction vehicles...

NIMBYISM warrants a debate

One of the earliest debates in Parliament next week, is an HS2 debate called by a genuine NIMBY, David...

Boris on HS2 – in 2012

In 2012, Boris Johnson visited Ruislip to see Stop HS2 campaigners there. The benefit cost ratio has gone done since then, so given that the business case was doubtful then, it has got even worse since.

Report from ITV London News, Wed 11th Jan 2012

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HS2 threatens GPs exams

A day after the BBC news reported that falling GP numbers is causing real problems for GP surgeries, the Independent reports that HS2...
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