Don’t Ruin Me – HS2 protest song

“Have you got a point to make, Game to play, Bones to move…
…Don’t Ruin Me”

Large parts of the beautiful English countryside featured in this video will be destroyed by HS2…. is it something that you need?

Music written and performed by John Bonney
Photographs by Keith Hoffmeister & members of HS2 action groups.

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Everyday Transport or HS2?

Up until now, supporters of HS2 have tended to be unconcerned about effects of HS2 on Department for Transport spending on local transport, claiming...

Hyde And Seek

HS2 Protestors in South Heath for the visit of new HS2 committee members
Originally published on the HS2 Buzz website, the satirical ‘antidote to High Speed Rail Spin’. On 10th August, the new members...

Corbyn and new high speed rail

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HS2 Committee fails to fully protect Chilterns AONB

The HS2 Select Committee fails to back petitioners’ requests to support a fully bored tunnel which would protect the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Beauty from the blight and devastation of HS2.
Martin Tett, Conservative Leader of Bucks County Council, is interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio by Roberto Perrone, 22nd July 2015.

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Video guide for Petitioning

With AP2, there is another round of petitioning, with a deadline of 14th August.  Here’s our video guide to petitioning:

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