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  1. i think that overall an investment in our transport infrastructure that many of us can use would be prefferable to an aircraft carrier which we can use in wars we cant afford !! i think we need to worry more about the enemy within if last week is anything to go by !

    and here we go again repeating the “we dont have the money” mantra – so why dont we cancel electrification, thameslink and crossrail now ? and of course the money requirements for hs2 wont seriously start until 2015 and then over the life of the project. it is also looking increasingly likely that mega projects such as hs2 will be needed to help boost the economy so hs2 needs to be built much sooner really.

    • The overall point of cuts versus spending, this is just todays cartoon. though Penny usually does videos on a Sunday, we sometimes do cartoons and today I’d got a new cartoon.

      You know very well that there have been plenty of arguments made against other cuts. I’m sure I’ve been mentioning Police cuts in the media for a good year now for example. I seem to remember making the point about youth centre cuts in a radio debate in a youth centre threatened by cuts as another example.

      Anyway Nick, did I mention in the earlier post our problem with posters who have multiple identities? [FOOTBALL COMMENTARY VOICE] “And that’s another one. Sat on a yellow for far too long if you ask me, but now he’s done it. That’s red”

    • In the future wars will likely be fought via bigger and bigger computers and not necessarily via old school means. Nevertheless, we will need an aircraft carrier and we are profoundly weak without one. One again google Isac Asimov for some quality views on what lies ahead.

      There is not just no money there is less than no money. There is DEBT and public transport has been over funded for years. We have bus operators that are paid to run around empty on a non commercial basis, on fuel without tax to carry people with free pass’s (not just OAPs). Then we have transport bodies that get hundreds of millions a year to try to get people out of their cars despite having no control over price, speed, comfort – basically the factors people consider about a journey. All of this wastage is in a heavily indebted country and all done in the name of “sustainability”.

      To digress a tad, sustainability comes from population controls, we have a requirement for almost double the food and yet no capacity to meet it. We had riots last week because our population has expanded beyond equilibrium and we have a generation of unemployed, disillusioned people who feel their future is being sold out – and they wanted a new telly perhaps.

      With regards to “boosting” the economy what you are really meaning is artificially creating “growth”. This is the the root of the mess in the first place.

      • As Mrs Thatcher famously pointed out,there is no such thing as a free lunch.The so-called “free” pass for OAP’s is paid for by the local authorities,to whom we pay our council tax.Added to which we pay general taxation which goes to subsidise council services,not to mention taxation on our pensions which were already taxed at source.As far as I can see,the only people travelling “free” on HS2 will be top businessmen,and politicians,again paid for by the rest of us.

  2. I wondered who was responsible for the ridiculous and poor white elephant cartoons and now we know. This one is equally bad – what a waste of money.

    • A typically well-thought out comment from you Ian. The White Elephant cartoon we have been using was actually done by the cartoonist for The Independent. We saw it in The Independent and asked if we could use it. He said yes.

      He is the politicial cartoonist for a daily newspaper, some people must think he is some good. As he gave us his work for free knowing it would be used by some AGs on fund-raising merchandise (which has actually sold), we definately share that opinion.

      I would say I have no time for you, if it were not for the ridiculous amount of time I have recently spent reading your comments and either having to edit them or simply move them to the trash folder. I do not understand how Penny puts up with it.

      You are simply a troll with an agenda, whi is willing to say anything.

      As a moderator, one does not normally make this sort of post, so others please file for reference, if you want to be allowed to continue in the discussion. We are reasonably fair. Far more than we should be to be honest. Given the nature of this website, being the website of a national campaign against something, it would be very easy to just delete all the comments for something.

      We don’t actually do that. However, there are certain individuals, who simply attempt to turn our comments page into a personal slanging match, post the same argument over and over again, or more simply want to attack the campaign; i.e. they want to freely attack the Stop HS2 campaign on the website of the Stop HS2 campaign itself. You will notice that two ‘individuals’ recently asked if they were banned on different threads. No it’s not that, it’s that that post needs too much editting, so it’s gone.

      Ian, I don’t know what you think this is, but if you think you can publically accuse our supporters of criminal acts on our website, you have another think coming sunshine. I believe that is a red card offence.

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