It’s Corbyn and Watson, so what does that mean for HS2?

As the dust settles following todays Labour leadership results, the only thing most people who read the Stop HS2 website will want to know is; What does this mean for HS2?

Well the fact that it seemed everyone running for the leadership, besides Liz Kendall, was against HS2 seemed to get Patrick McLoughlin spooked, who went so far as to write in The Telegraph to have a go at them. The reason he was worried about Corbyn was that a published draft of his ‘Northern Future’ document said the Tories “Have suspended the much needed investment in rail infrastructure in the north to fund HS2, a project with the aim of turning our great regional cities into dormitories for London businesses”, however this line did not appear in the final version of his document.

Corbyn went on at a later date to say that he was worried that HS2 might get prioritised ahead of more important projects, such as the part of the ‘electric spine’ from Nuneaton to Southampton, which it surely will do when Sir Peter Hendy reports back on the viability of Network Rail projects.

However, his most recent statements were that it would be ‘too late’ to cancel HS2 if he were Prime Minister. Whilst that might be true, he doesn’t seem to have spotted that HS2 will have to come back for final approval in the commons (before going to the lords) well before that. Given that he’s had a busy few weeks, we’ll maybe let that one go, but what is clear is that a concerted effort to supply him with the facts is now needed.

New Deputy Leader Tom Watson seems more decisive though, as he ‘positively abstained’ when the HS2 Hybrid Bill came to second reading, saying:

“I’m still not convinced that this £50 billion worth of infrastructure investment will benefit many people in the Black Country. The Government has not given any guarantees that there will be improved frequency and journey times so I’m not prepared to sign up to it just yet.”

“I do believe in investment for additional capacity in the railway. I’m just yet to be convinced by this particular project.”

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  2. Mindsets of people change but whipped MPs longer. Housing investment local investment is more important than the HS2 vast waste. Hopefully the MPs from all parties will realise 500,000 people voted for a new mindset for priorities to be changed

    Can this election of a pair of frank MPs start a wider change in objectivity and realisation people have had enough of being duped in the interest of the two and few pretenders.

    Will Osborne follow Balls into oblivion through wrong spending and restrictive priorities denying local communities sufficient for their needs which HS2 guarantees. Squandering to much on such a narrow delivering programme of highest speed greatest destruction and largest land take project.

    Can the new Labour leadership and cabinet persuade the current group thinking selfish sets to depart from the Cameron/Adonis/Osborne obsession of denial of more beneficial local and regional needs. Hopefully the fresh leadership approach will increase the numbers of MPs and Lords and Barronesses to desert the blitz from the HS2 and DFT to provide the hope to the British of the end of an era of deception and diversion to more homes and more schools and more chance for more local people to prosper locally. Thank you for the support for change. Now change from the chaos of HS2 consultations and petitions and pretend construction works to affordable projects for local areas. Can all party credible MPs and councillors dump the HS2 and progress with the support of people not their resentment of Conservative Prejudicial Dogma as Sir Vince Cable advises was witnessed when he was caught in the Coalition of overly present group think. Mindset changes for a real coalition of MPs who wish the UK to evolve under the leardership of more commonsense than experienced with Cameron and Osborne todate.

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