Minister says HS2 should be cancelled to save money

Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt has reopened the debate about HS2, questioning whether it is worthwhile spending the money on it when cash is desperately needed for public services.

Here’s how this was covered by Roberto Perrone on BBC Three Counties Radio;

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HS2 Chief Exec jumps ship

£750,000 pa Simon Kirby, the UK’s highest paid civil servant, quits the HS2 White Elephant for Rolls Royce. Stop HS2’s Joe Rukin interviewed by John Gaunt on Talk2Me Radio, 13th September 2016.

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Spend money on flood defences instead of the HS2 “White Elephant”

LBC Radio phone-in reveals a lack of callers supporting HS2.
Chair of Stop HS2, Penny Gaines is interviewed by Tom Swarbrick followed by listeners’ calls.

Petition: Stop HS2 and spend the money on a national long term flood defence strategy.

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Invest in the north, not in HS2

The Chief Executive of Britain’s biggest private investor is not interested in investing in HS2 saying he would rather invest in infrastructure for the north rather than a commuter railway for London.

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Not priced, no route and not high speed

On Monday, the Government announced HS3 – but with no route, no costs and no timetable.

Here are some of the news reports:


We’ve got a load more reports on the Stop HS2 Youtube channel – please check it out.

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Ruse gets all Ranty

You would have thought that the day that the Judicial Review appeal verdicts came in, that HS2 Ltd lead...

Five Live special on HS2

This week the Phil Williams Show on BBC Radio 5 Live was turned into a series of special programmes...
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