HS2 Ltd and Health and Safety

Here, HS2 Ltd CEO Mark Thurston explains the importance of health and safety on HS2 worksites, with a few real-world examples showing just how seriously his staff are taking these issues and social distancing rules during lockdown.

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HS2 are unwelcomed to Camden

For reasons best known to themselves, as soon as petitioning in the House of Commons finished, HS2 Ltd decided it had become ‘important’ that people in Camden have accurate information about their project.

We can only guess that someone at HS2 Ltd is a fan of ‘Crashing’, a sitcom about people squatting in a derelict hospital, as they decided to open up a ‘drop in centre’ in the former National Temperance Hospital, which they will demolish in a couple of years.

As you might imagine, this has not gone down well. Here’s a snapshot of what happened on the day:

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