And where is Crossrail 2?

Euston, we have a problem!
One thing absent from the Conservative party manifesto is Crossrail 2. This has led several reports to question the real...

A revamp for Leeds station

Integrated Leeds Station plan detail
West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce have issued a paper about plans for Leeds station and HS2.  They...

A lone hand rises for HS2

Quick straw poll – who wants HS2? A lone hand rises. Who wants HS3? The hands fly up #NorthernPowerhouse...

Not priced, no route and not high speed

On Monday, the Government announced HS3 – but with no route, no costs and no timetable.

Here are some of the news reports:


We’ve got a load more reports on the Stop HS2 Youtube channel – please check it out.

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