HS2 are unwelcomed to Camden

For reasons best known to themselves, as soon as petitioning in the House of Commons finished, HS2 Ltd decided it had become ‘important’ that people in Camden have accurate information about their project.

We can only guess that someone at HS2 Ltd is a fan of ‘Crashing’, a sitcom about people squatting in a derelict hospital, as they decided to open up a ‘drop in centre’ in the former National Temperance Hospital, which they will demolish in a couple of years.

As you might imagine, this has not gone down well. Here’s a snapshot of what happened on the day:

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A letter to Kier Starmer

Over the last few weeks, 426 Primrose Hill residents have written to their MP, Sir Keir Starmer, outlining their...

Mental & physical health impact of HS2

This is the second of two new videos from Camden, pointing out just what people in the community will have to endure if HS2 is built.

The London Borough of Camden which is densely populated, will severely suffer in the decades of HS2’s construction. Air pollution, vibrations, noise, electromagnetic radiation, dust, sewage and rodents, traffic gridlocks, accidents, subsidence, and last but not least, emotional stress as seen here. It will be 24/7 for many many years.

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The cost of HS2 is too high

This is the first of two new videos from Camden, questioning the need for HS2 especially given other things which may be cut due to austerity.

Historically, austerity measures have not been shown to work. To take away the Independent Living Fund which is the lifeline for people with various disabilities, seems inhuman given the willingness to spend on HS2. The government say that the HS2 has a separate budget, and that the budget for the existing railways is also ring fenced. Does anyone really believe that?

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