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Manifesto roundup

As the polls open, we thought it worth listing our articles which cover the contents of the manifestos. UKIP...

And where is Crossrail 2?

Euston, we have a problem!
One thing absent from the Conservative party manifesto is Crossrail 2. This has led several reports to question the real...

Has Tim Farron got the point about HS2?

For years, whilst the Green party & Ukip have opposed HS2, Labour Conservatives & Lib-Dems have supported it. Whilst that support has at least seen dissent and wobbles from both the two main parties, the Lib-Dems have been the most resolutely pig-headedly committed to it. And whilst a commitment to HS2 is in their manifesto, does it seem that Tim Farron is starting to get the point of what HS2 is really about?


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