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HS2 Bill committee stage

This afternoon, the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill will be having its Bill Committee stage. This is the line...

The advert that wasn’t

HS2 poisoned chalice
Back in April, a comment on the Stop HS2 website alerted us to the  Public Appointments Bulletin produced by the Cabinet...

The HS2 Bill trundles on

With the publication shortly before Christmas of the House of Lords Bill Committee report on HS2, the Phase 1...

HS2 – Songs for Christmas

It’s hard to believe that it is now five years since Dirty Mavis topped the HMV chart at Christmas with the Oak Tree Lament, but it really has been. Here’s not just that, but eight other songs about HS2.

The Zoom Train at Christmas

Christmas is a time for the children, everyone knows that. As far as HS2 Ltd are concerned, they should all be dreaming of the Zoom Train.


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Montage of News Headlines
In addition to the following articles, we also think Peter Delow’s HS2 and the environment website is worth a read, as well as...
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