IET video: What are the facts?

HS2: What are the facts? The ’s transport expert discusses the project:

From the : “The is the largest professional engineering organization in , and a leading source of impartial and independent engineering intelligence for all policy-makers. Today we talk to the IET’s transport expert who helps us shed light on the complex issues surrounding the government’s high speed rail project. ”

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One comment on “IET video: What are the facts?
  1. It’s good to have any major project investigated and analysed by those most qualified,.

    However, one’s confidence must be shaken by this presentation, including as it does a map diagram of HS1, the Channel Tunnel link running from Waterloo through South London!

    Can someone not read a map?
    Or is this piece fished up out an old cupboard?

    Beware of own goals!

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