Friday 12th – demonstration at Hangar Lane

AGAINST HS2 PROPOSALS FOR AT on FRIDAY 12TH OCTOBER 2012 – 7:30am to 19:30pm

Ellie the White Elephant will be making an appearance!

There will be a Stop HS2 demonstration at Hangar Lane this Friday (12th October) over HS2 plans for an overground HS2 route through Ealing, and in particular the plans to replace 18 in the London Borough of Ealing – including both at Hangar Lane, which see traffic flows of up to 10,000 vehicles per day. This has been organised by Ed Pawley.

Please come along if you are in the area. The demo starts at 7:30 and continues until 19:30. Ellie the White Elephant will be making an appearance.

The demonstration will start outside Hangar Lane tube station but may move to other locations on the Hangar Lane gyratory throughout the day.

Ealing police have given permission for the demonstration but have reminded demonstrators to observe ‘common sense’ safety considerations, including not thrusting placards into moving traffic etc.

There is local parking available at West Lake (first turning to the left after you come off the slip road off the A40 onto Hangar Lane going north) – at McDonalds or B&Q. Alternatively you can come by tube to Hangar Lane tube station.

PS Ruislip Against HS2 are meeting at Ruislip Gardens Tube at 9a.m if you want to come along with them.

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