Oak Lament email issue – Personal Statement from Joe Rukin.

Oak Lament email issue – Personal Statement from Joe Rukin.


On Christmas Eve, I sent a single email to everyone who had signed the Stop HS2 petition on the Go Petition website. This email was about the Stop HS2 single Oak Tree Lament by Dirty Mavis, but also reminding people that we are not long from a decision on HS2 and asking more people to contact their MP.

Shortly afterwards for a limited period, anybody could send a message to the entire list. This is not how the system was set and we do not know how this happened.

As soon as the issue became apparent on Christmas Eve, this was stopped and an apology issued. However, because of the size of the list, some emails sent on Christmas Eve were delayed and are still arriving in inboxes on Boxing Day and later. These had already been sent before the list was locked and could not be recalled.

I am extremely sorry for any distress and inconvenience this will have caused you and advise you simply to delete any messages marked ‘Please help Stop HS2 this Christmas’ and ‘unsubscribe’. Although we do not know how this problem occurred, I accept personal responsibility and am truly sorry.
Joe Rukin.

For more details please see www.oaktreelament.org.uk

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2 comments on “Oak Lament email issue – Personal Statement from Joe Rukin.
  1. Glad to see you are now accepting responsibility and not excepting it. Maybe out of courtesy you could think about acknowledging my input to correcting your English?

    • Hi Ian, Thanks for the earlier comment with the correction. We don’t normally post comments that are simply there to correct a typo or similar. Nobody else has complained about this policy.

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