Practical details about HS2 consultation roadshows

We’ve been sent some information about the HS2 roadshows in .

  1. File containing quotes made by HS2 Ltd and its staff about and Buckinghamshire –
    what HS2 Said about Aylesbury
  2. There’s a poster from HS2 Ltd with the dates of roadshows: you can print this off and display it locally.
    110505 – Buckinghamshire poster – final
    110505 - Buckinghamshire poster - final

    110505 - Buckinghamshire poster - final

  3. We’ve also been sent a timetable of buses to the rugby club for the roadshow; there are some from town centre and others from and .
    110505-Amersham Shuttle timetables

These documents leave a question.

What are HS2 going to do about ensuring people in other villages get transport to their local roadshows?  Places like , and , which have no roadshow going to them.  Are they going to get buses?

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5 comments on “Practical details about HS2 consultation roadshows
  1. Jobs at HS2.`Planning` magazine on 21 April/6 May has adverts for jobs with HS2. Sustainable Construction Manager – Environmental Impact Assement Advisers – Planning & Consent Advisers – GIS Adviser – Accoustics Manager. . The advert says see to apply.

  2. In the past I have asked HS2 and Dft some (to me) key questions such as what will the fare structure be for Bham-London and why does it need to travel at 250 mph and have got no answers
    Is it worth my going to a roadshow?

  3. HS2 is advertising jobs. They are jobs to do with building a railway. The jobs are advertised in a planning magazine. So sad they are making us jump though the consultation hoop.

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