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The petition tool on the Parliamentary website always gets taken down when there is an election, and it normally takes a while for it to get put back up. Well now it finally has been put back up, so of course we’ve got a new petition against HS2 which we hope you will sign it – the petition is here.

The text, which is just inside the very strict character limit is:

Cancel HS2 immediately and repeal the 2013 and 2017 High Speed Rail Acts.

HS2 is a vanity project, lobbied for by the firms who will make billions out of building it, at a time of continued austerity and cuts to essential services. Independent economists, rail experts and environmentalists have all heavily criticised the project, but Governments have refused to listen

HS2 is not a ‘magic wand’ to cure the North-South divide. All the international evidence shows it will reinforce the dominance of London and increase regional divisions.

In 20 years HS2 would deliver capacity where it is needed the least, with the lowest flexibility, at the greatest cost, whilst more beneficial rail projects have already been cancelled.

The official cost of HS2 has almost quadrupled since it was proposed in 2008, and it will carry on rising unless it is immediately cancelled.

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13 comments on “Please Sign Our Petition Against HS2
  1. Frank Dobson would be glad if we rallied round with a defeat ofHS2.
    He spoke to Parliament so eloquently.
    The alternatives to the terminus to be at Euston were ignored.
    Stratford would have been great, as well as Old Oak Common.
    And now it looks like the train line would be useless in the face of internet doing most of the meetings.

  2. Has anyone looked at where the old mine workings are in conjunction with the proposed route through South Yorkshire, or where the sewage and flood pipes are situated between Mexborough and Denaby sewage farm? How high will the proposed bridge be over Doncaster Road from Schofields farm over the Shimmer estate? High sided vehicles can only come into Mexborough using this route as there are low bridges on the other routes into Mexborough. HS2 is not required anyway, the railways cannot make a profit as it is.

  3. Better to improve passenger mobility in the north of the country to expand commerce in that area rather than increase congestion in the south.

  4. This at a time of constraint is a waste of money for twenty minutes, do the northern section first and improve that area

  5. Are we going to ask all the celebrities and others with many followers who oppose hs2 to promote this petition on twitter,Facebook etc as I’m sure we need to get 100,000 signatures before Labour and Tory conferences

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