Manifesto roundup

As the polls open, we thought it worth listing our articles which cover the contents of the manifestos.

  • UKIP and the Greens will both scrap HS2 – see here and here.
  • The Conservatives will continue with a programme of strategic national investments, including HS2, see here.
  • The LibDems will “proceed with HS2” – see here – but has Farron got the point – see here.
  • And Labour will “complete the HS2 high-speed rail line from London” into Scotland – see here.

Don’t forget to vote!

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3 comments on “Manifesto roundup
  1. After the election debacle surely the tories should scrap hs2 and reroute the money to elderly care.

  2. All MPs against hs2 must threaten to revolt on other issues to get a u turn on hs2
    Time for them to step up particularly as there are strong rumours that it will not go beyond Birmingham.

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