Boris on HS2 – in 2012

In 2012, Boris Johnson visited Ruislip to see Stop HS2 campaigners there. The benefit cost ratio has gone done since then, so given that the business case was doubtful then, it has got even worse since.

Report from ITV London News, Wed 11th Jan 2012

Keep the country safe by scrapping HS2

John Baron MP secures a debate on defence spending and says the UK is making grave errors in cutting defence spending. Here he suggests where cuts should be made to allow the UK to be able to afford its essential defence requirements. House of Commons, 19th June 2014.

Floods could sink HS2?

BBC News Chief Political Correspondent Norman Smith suggests that HS2 could one of the biggest casualties of the floods....

Ruse gets all Ranty

You would have thought that the day that the Judicial Review appeal verdicts came in, that HS2 Ltd lead...
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