HS2 Gets Another Whipping on Question Time

HS2 came up on Question Time again this week, and well, it didn’t go down well again, this time in Stockport, another place that is meant to be ‘benefiting’ from HS2 by probably losing some of its’ trains…

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“It sickens me that politicians through their own egos think they know best”

Politicians and businessmen on Any Questions come up with alternative ways to spend £55billion other than HS2.

HS2 will be paid for by taxpayers’ money.

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HS2: For The Few

To sign the petition click here. It is clear that since the 2017 General Election, the political narrative, the...

A Lesson From California About #HS2 That Every Politician Should See

This is a video that every politician who supports HS2 really needs to watch.


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